Friday, July 20, 2012

Off the Menu

Things to remember

A few notes on 1 Peter (Chapter 5)

The cure for everything (1-7)
Are you an older person? Be humble.
Are you a younger person? Be humble.
Are you a leader? Be humble.
Are you a lay person? Be humble.

You get the picture? Know that there is no way to humiliate a humble person. Know that the humble person doesn't fall too far. Know that the humble person cannot be embarrassed. Know that when you are humble you are more like Jesus.

The Devil did it (8-10)
Going through a few trials? Remember that we have an adversary--Satan. I remember Ron Ward saying, "If Satan is not bothering you, you're not worth being bothered." Satan does not oppose people who are going his way, only those who are behaving contrary to his will. So if he's bugging you, that's probably a good sign.

And remember, he's looking for someone to devour. Thankfully, the Christian has been removed from his menu by virtue of Christ's work on the cross.

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Notes on 1 Peter
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