Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh No You Didn't!

A Few Notes on 1 Peter, Chapter 3

Don't, don't, don't...

Don't be a terror at home (1-7)

In the previous chapter, Peter states gives warning against using God's word to justify anarchy. Unfortunately for the anarchist, God's word promotes orderly conduct & social responsibility. Peter extends that responsibility from the public sphere to the home. There is a certain way to run your house. Not just anything goes. We must follow Christ in our home life.

Don't be drab (3-4)

A lot of people interpret this passage to mean that women shouldn't dress nice or wear pearls or earrings. This is a very narrow reading that is probably very prejudiced. The idea in this passage is that your main focus should not be on the external, your main focus on the internal (spiritual) state of your life. Again, he's not saying it's evil to look nice, he is saying it's carnal to only care about how you look, to the detriment of your soul.

Don't hate women (7)

I love the inherent tension in scripture. This same verse is used to accuse Christianity of putting women down (weaker vessel) & it's used to prove that Christianity lifts women up (fellow heirs). I tend to lean towards the latter, especially given the historical context of the day. Men are to treat women as something precious, which is what a weaker vessel is. Men are to be gentle & not harsh with their wives--which was a counterculture move. Also, to name women as fellow heirs, there is no way to rationalize that as anything but uplifting to women, placing them on the same plane as recipients of God's grace.

Don't forget Jesus (18-22)

Finally, as Peter tends to do, he reminds us of God's grace through Jesus. Don't forget who places us in the position to succeed. He has given all for us, we should give all for Him.
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