Saturday, July 14, 2012

God's Heart

The Presence of the Lord

Thoughts on Jonah 4.

Inner City vs. Suburbs

It's interesting to note the contrasts in scripture. Here we see that God's presence is felt both within the city limits & out in the countryside. No matter how stubborn Jonah proved to be, God still worked with him. He never gives up on people. Though we tend to be prejudiced, God is compassionate. He is love.

In the Dumps Much?

As a side note, ever notice that Jonah has a death wish? The dude seems to think he's run into the reaper at every turn! What makes a believer--a mouthpiece for God!--become someone like Jonah? He obviously has some issue that has turned him sour. Bitterness has taken hold of his life & won't let go. I've met a few Christians who are like that. It's a sad thing to lose the joy of the Lord, especially when all God wants to do is rejoice with you (for proof, read Philippians).

Man is Worthy

Again, God decides to move through nature to make His point. The point is that it is good to share His nature with people, because He wants to reveal Himself to all people. God wants to be compassionate on mankind. Jonah was not to be the judge that determines the worthiness of man, God is. Further, God has declared that man is worthy of compassion.

Clearly, man is not worthy based on his own activity. God states that man's spiritual state was akin to not knowing the difference between right & left. No, no, man is incapable of securing their own sanctification. I suggest that what God saw as worthwhile is man's potential--the potential of an honest relationship with Himself. That is what God seeks from man. God seeks to share his heart with man, & have man reciprocate with sincerity. That is how things were in the Garden of Eden, & that is what God is offering to restore us to.

He has always been there, offering the same thing to us.

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