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Brennan Manning: By the grace of God go I

Brennan Manning
Brennan Manning (Photo credit: Jordon)

A great man

I read the news of Brennan Manning's passing late last night on twitter. There was a sad outpouring over his death and thoughtful meditation on his wealth of quotable sayings. I have heard many people say positive things about Brennan. I have heard many people say negative things about Brennan. My persistent impression is that Brennan Manning knew that he survived from one day to the next by virtue of God's lavish grace, and by that virtue alone. He placed his life in the hands of a gracious God.

Ragamuffin Grace

A Liturgy, a Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band
A Liturgy, a Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The concept of the ragamuffin was Manning's literary boon. The Ragamuffin Gospel is the one book that defines him. Admittedly, that is the one book that I have read from him and I intend to read it again and review it shortly. From what I recall, it was an excellent read that inspires awe at the wonder of God's grace to an undeserving mankind.

Manning's legacy not only influences late 90s-early 2000s literature, but also it's music. Rich Mullins, one of the great theological poets if this period was heavily influenced by Manning's work as he composed (his backing band was known as "A Ragamuffin Band"). Others were also greatly moved by his devotion to the supremacy of God's grace, as evidenced by last night's tweets. While there are undoubtedly several minute stances made by Manning toward which some will not compromise (perhaps some would call for more balance), in the end grace covers all.

The greatest seasoning

When our lips are seasoned with grace (Colossians 4.6), our words become more palatable. I feel that is the case with Brennan Manning may we always remember that without God's grace drawing us in (past), working in us (present), and upholding us (future) we would have no hope.

Let us move forward in the Light of his amazing grace.
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English: Under the title "New Britain&quo...
English: Under the title "New Britain", "Amazing Grace" appears in a 1847 publication of Southern Harmony in shape notes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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