Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Tour For N. D. Wilson

Blog Tour

I have been invited to receive a free copy of N. D. Wilson's book: Death By Living and to participate in the Blog Tour for the piece. The Blog Tour, which is a week when bloggers will post their reviews of the book, will take place from August 26-30. My review is scheduled for August 30, so stay tuned for that. (But I give you permission to browse to other sites until then. No sense letting all the interwebs go to waste.) I just got my copy of the book yesterday.

Not only did I get a free copy of Death by Living, I received an additional surprise. Included in my package from Thomas Nelson Publishers was a copy of N. D. Wilson's first book, Notes From the Tilt A Whirl! I got two books for one review, score! The thought did cross my mind that since DBL is the follow-up to NFTTAW that I'd be lost, but I never complain about free books. In fact, I'm grateful for them.

I googled Notes From the Tilt A Whirl to see what to expect and ended up with a few YouTube videos. I've embedded them here for your enjoyment. The interview is pretty good. I like the way N. D. Wilson thinks.

Notes From the Tilt A Whirl Trailer

Interview: Why Tilt A Whirl?

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