Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Passionate Preaching by Corey

Pouring out your soul

I come from a subdued, quiet assembly where the speaker generally takes a simple, didactic approach to scripture. My friend, Corey B. comes from a different tradition. I have visited his church in the past and coordinated with him on a few sermons. Posted below is some video of him preaching at a Youth Revival last Thursday night. Notice how he was not just telling us what is in the Word or what the Word meant to his personal life, he was showing us how the Word of God has affected his life.

Perhaps a little passion is needed in the church. Corey wasn't just teaching people, he was demonstrating God's work in his life. As a result, he lead his congregation into worship. Look and listen to the reaction of the congregation. The atmosphere was electric. Clearly, we do not have enough of the message to critique it—but given what I know about Corey and his Church, I am certain it is biblically sound and appropriate for the ages and topics at hand (youth revival).


Do you think there's room for more passion in preaching?

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