Monday, December 29, 2014

Will Be Done

I love it when an author crafts a story that hinges on the final few paragraphs or sentences. All of a sudden, Mr. X doesn't look like a wretched villain or Ms. Y doesn't seem so innocent any longer. Hints that appeared to suggest one thing become clear in light of a few final statements. A good writer knows how to craft their narrative for maximum effect. This is what happens here in Obadiah.

After a casual reading, it appears that God, through the prophet, is warning Edom of impending doom. He is going to shift the balance of power in the region and divide the land amongst foreign invaders. Clearly, it is implied that God is behind every power shift and nothing will happen that He does not approve first. However, the prophet makes one final statement at the end of the book that takes the concept and stretches it further.
"...but the kingdom will be the Lord's." 
—Obadiah 21
When we draw boundary lines, we divide God's kingdom amongst ourselves. France, England, and Spain mean nothing in God's eyes. Each of those countries are subjected to the jurisdiction of the Almighty, for within each of those countries reside subjects to the Almighty. Even though countries are ruled by Presidents, Monarchs, Prime Ministers, and Dictators, this earth is a kingdom. That kingdom is ruled by the King immortal, invisible.

If the redrawing of the map pleases the king, then it will be done.
If the King requires obedience, let His will be done.
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