Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cheating Patriots and Real Life

So everyone seems pretty much convinced that the Patriots, an extraordinary team who earned a trip to the Super Bowl this year, is a club full of dirty rotten cheaters. Instead of spying on the other team's plays, this time the Patriots decided to deflate their game balls in order to increase their odds of maintaining possession in cold, rainy conditions. At least, that's the alleged trespass. 

Funny thing though, most analysts that I have heard feel that the Patriots are clearly the better team. They believe that even without the assistance of shady practices the Patriots would be representing their conference in the Super Bowl. So why the uproar?

That is certainly a question that is being asked. Why are certain people making a big deal about this? Some players are even going to the extreme of claiming that everyone does it, so the NFL should not make a ruling or punish the offenders. 

So the main argument by the players is, "Everbody's doing it, so let it slide." 

Problem is, there are no standards there. The relativity of this outlook leaves no room for accountability and several sports analysts have called players out on this midset. 

I have heard sports talk hosts insist that if the NFL finds that someone in the Patriots organization is complicit in deflating footballs, that shows a deliberate act of circumventing league rules and the league must take action no matter how trivial the incident was. 

This reminds me of God's sense of justice. Any sin is an offense to God. He has no choice but to judge each offense justly, no matter how trivial you might think it is or how many people think those behaviors are normal. 

God has also found a way to justly deal with your sin without passing the punishment on you. He did that by sacrificing His Son on the cross. 
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