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Andrew Santiago - Matthew 21 (Hermeneutic Sunday)

Characters / Scene
On the way to Jerusalem
     12 Disciples
(12-17) (23-46)
     12 Disciples

"The truth hurts" - Jesus proved that it did.
About the Temple Traders
     Detracted from the Lord, and used Him for profit.
     Why not set up in the market.
          Unbiblical methods
          Thieves: Rob God of temple money
[Joe mentioned that they were thieves who stole attention from God.]
Jeremiah and Psalms were quoted in this passage.

(11) They think of Christ as a prophet -- It's amazing
     There is an ironic parallel with Jeremiah.
     A prophet who is not honored or respected.

Fig Tree - Do you really believe this faith is possible?
     God can say no, but we get an answer ever time.

(23-27) Jesus deploys a mental paradox
     They know they cannot answer without trapping themselves.

(12-14) Contrast between destruction and restoration
     Things get destroyed
     People get restored
[Joe marveled at the fact that we can be restored.]

Irony: John gets credit, but Jesus does not.

     History brought to current day.
     The tendencies of humanity are shown. Namely, to reject God's messenger.

(41) Irony: They pronounced their own demise.

My Conclusion / Suggestion for the chapter
Look for displays of Christ's authority in this passage. Each section contains some reference to His authority. Know that Jesus never lost control of his situation, He directly influenced everything that happened around him. His trip to Jerusalem to die was completely planned out.
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