Friday, March 18, 2011

Matthew 23

     (1) Jesus, multitude and disciples

> Jesus was just questioned by the religious leaders
> He is about to react to them for the people's sake.
     Pronounces judgment which is OT-esque
     Tone: assertive, aggressive, disciplinary, sad -- "what great sorrow awaits you"
     A hypocrite - says A but does Z

(1-12) "Monkey see, monkey do"
     Don't do what you see
     Rather, do what they say
What is the problem with the religious leaders? Look at some key words:
     Moses' seat, seen by men, not life a finger, large phylacteries, best places, greetings, rabbi, father, teacher -- All terms of preeminence. Seeking glory
     We are to be humble servants.

(13-36) Woes
     Jesus calls out their hypocrisy in some very nasty, graphic terms.
     Notably, (13) He says that they are blocking the path to heaven.
[Joe brought up Malachi, and how they argued with God. Remember not to try and deceive yourself.]
NOTE: Religious systems are not inherently evil, man with power is.
Conclusion (31-36)
     Jesus comes out and tells them that they and their false religion is to blame, and the wicked cannot escape.

(37-39) Jerusalem
     Jesus longs to save, but He can't force them.
     Jesus defends His people.
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