Friday, March 18, 2011

Peter Aceti - Romans


- Romans 1-8 It is the most systematic unfolding of the truth of the gospel of God's righteousness that saves all who believe.

- Romans 9-11 It reflects a universal outlook, with a sovereign God, and with implications for Israel's relation to the Church.

- Romans 12-16 It gives us the understanding and motivation to live a holy and consecrated life.

NOTE: The Gospel is God's message of good news to us.

Why study doctrine?
     To know what we believe
     To know why we believe

Doctrines in Romans
1. Condemnation (1-3) - We're guilty
2. Justification - Acquired innocence
3. Sanctification - Set apart to grow
4. Glorification (8)
5. God's righteous sovereignty (9-11)
6. Our duty (12-16)

There are 3 characters presented for analysis and condemnation
1. The Heathen
     They suppress God's influence
     Key: Romans 1:17; Creation Calls - How can we say, "There is no God?"
2. Hypocrites: Religion
"Jesus looked on religious robes and what he found were religious rogues."
About our conscience: "Listen carefully, things are much worse than they look."
     Don't try to be self-righteous.
     You know you're a law-breaker
"Your conscience will either accuse you or excuse you."
     Only solid doctrine can truly satisfy the conscience.
3. The Jews: Scripture (The Law)
     All are condemned by scripture (there is none righteous).
     The judge of all the world pronounces us guilty, but He can declare us not-guilty.

Jesus paid it all, resistance is not futile (Romans 12:1-2) -- don't be assimilated into the world.
     Closed with this hymn
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