Thursday, October 20, 2011

Announcements! New Feature!

I have recently been posting on "Growing Green" which is the theme on which my assembly is organizing their Wednesday night bible studies. It is a great study which has taken us through most of the epistles. If you have not figured it out yet, we have just finished 1 Timothy.

The next passage in the study is the Epistle of Paul to Titus. You will find that I have not posted anything about Titus yet. However, this fact is about to change. I am leading the upcoming study on this 3-chaptered personal letter, and have quite a bit of content that will be flooding this blog in the weeks to come.

I am announcing a new feature on this site called The Quest for Admin Parking: A collection memoir-styled, topical essays inspired by the book of Titus. That is a really long title, so I'm just going to tag it: Quest for Admin Parking and Titus for everyone's convenience.

This feature will begin on Monday with an introduction to the study and posts will be automatically scheduled for release on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday basis until the study is completed. I trust this series will be both beneficial and entertaining at the same time.
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