Monday, October 24, 2011

The Quest for Admin Parking - Introduction

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The theme used for the year 2011 at Bible Truth Chapel centered on the phrase Growing Green. The intent of this theme was to encourage personal and corporate growth in the assembly. That is what I strive to present in this short collection of essays centered around the even shorter epistle which Paul wrote to Titus.

The theme Growing Green is expanded into three parts. These three parts are essentially phases in the life of a tree and are used to mirror the process which should be occurring in the Christian’s life. The three phases are as follows: Rooted, Grounded and Established. While these terms are expressed in the past tense, it is important to remember that what is intended by these terms are more of a Past Progressive tense since these terms simultaneously refer to actions that have happened and continue to happen in daily life. In a sentence, this would read, We are rooted as long as... And there are many terms that can fill this blank. These terms are what this short blog series seeks to present in accordance to the book of Titus.

When considering the three phrases, we must realize that each is nothing when separated from relation to another. One must be rooted in something, grounded in something and established in something. That something in Christianity is, quite obviously, Christ. Without Christ, there is neither Christianity nor is there a Christian, there are only people.

In fact, assuming that the Christian claims are true, without God there would be no good or evil since good and evil are players in the drama written by a standard. Those behaviors that are closest to the Standard are what we call good, those behaviors that miss the Standard are what we call evil. The Standard is composed of all the attributes of God. Those things that God does and God finds pleasure in are what define Him those are His characteristics.

Character is what Paul is trying to instill in Titus, a godly character. This character is also the determining factor in his ministry, which is to place leaders into a position of Church authority. Titus was charged with the responsibility of recognizing godly character in the Church at Crete, and to establish qualified men as Elder and Deacon. However, in a general sense, the Christian should regularly find themselves behaving in a manner that reflects who God is. When we reach this stage, we will know that we are established in godliness. But before we get there, we must sink our roots down into Godliness and become grounded in it. Godliness is both the starting and finishing lines of Titus, and Paul encourages us to run this race well. We are in for a process, and that process will produce it’s good work.

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