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Background & Titus 1

Titus 1 by CMJimenez
Titus 1, a photo by CMJimenez on Flickr.
No mention if Titus in the book of Acts.
Titus has 1/2 the mentions of Timothy
- 17:37
- 3 mentions in Titus
- 2 epistles to Timothy vs. 1 to Titus

Early Greek convert
- Not a Jew
- Not a proselyte
- Never circumcised (Galatians 2:1-3)

He delivered Paul's messages
He was trusted to deal with sensitive issues (2 Corinthians 7:5-8; 8:6)
- Delivered the first two letters to the Corinthians
- Dealt with money (2 Corinthians 8:6)

His character was beyond reproach (2 Corinthians 12:17-18)
He had a heart for the ministry (2 Corinthians 8:16-24)

Here is the outline that helped me organize the first chapter:

 (A)  for  (B)  in  (C)  to  (D)  for  (E)  because (F) .

(A) Paul describes himself as the author who is:
- A bond servant (one who gives up his own will and submits to Christ)
- An apostle (A delegate or messenger for Christ)

(B) Paul writes for the following two things
- The faith of those chosen of God
- Knowledge of the truth according to Godliness

  • Data (raw facts) - Information (data that has been assigned meaning/organization) - Knowledge (information that has an application) - Wisdom (the value assigned to implemented knowledge)
  • What is godliness?
"Respect for the reality of the living God which affects who I am." -- Henry Sardina
" Righteousness is that which we do. Godliness is the world-view that sees things as God sees them." -- Tim Fordham
 (C) Hope [expectation] of eternal life
- God cannot lie (only time this term [in this form] is used in scripture)
- What did God do?

  • Promised He voluntarily engaged Himself in the process
  • Properly manifested "Own time" He made an intentional appointment to meet our need
  • Proclaimed Always used in association with the gospel (8x). The good news in proclaimed to all.
  • Preserved God preserved the message through faithful men, a long tradition which includes Paul, Timothy, Titus and ourselves.
(D) Titus
- Personal relationship between two completely different men that is only in existence because of Christ.

(E) ...for... The Purpose
- Establish order
- Establish elders

(F) ...because... They Were:
  1. Disorderly
  2. Talking with no substance [only mention]. Notion of tickling ears.
  3. Deceivers [only mention]. This is a deception that belies purposeful intent.
The solution offered is...

  • Silence these people because
    • They are upsetting families (relationships)
    • They were teaching for personal gain  
  • Severely Rebuke these people
    • Used twice in the New Testament
    • Titus was involved both times 
  • Sound In good health
    • Used 4 times in Titus (More here than anywhere else)
Elder/Overseer (Vs. 5-9)
- Elder (Strong's 4245) Older person or person of authority. 66x.
- Overseer (Strong's 1985) Man charged with keeping order in the Church. Shepherd / Elder. 5x.

  1. Man = generic; Husband = Masculine; Wife = Woman
  2. Above reproach = Accusations will not arise against him
  3. Dissipation = Prodigal or wild living
  4. Rebellion = Be subject to authority
  1. Self-willed = Proud, haughty heart
  2. Quick tempered = Prone to anger
  3. Addicted to wine = Reliant on anything else
  4. Pugnacious = Contentious
  5. Gain = Greediness
C.S. Lewis described morality as a fleet of ships. These ships must behave in a cohesive manner. Taking care not to harm another ship, taking care not to harm themselves, and to actively work for the Admiral's desired end goal. Morality is Social, Personal and Eternal. Much as is described in Titus 1:15-16.

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