Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get the Advantage

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So what is salvation anyway? That was the topic of our first Passing the Faith Along session. It is important to first verify what salvation is and then to confirm that you have it. If you follow my twitter project #BTSermon, you will remember I posted the following quote from Henry Sardina:

He also stated that passing along something you don't have is just wishful thinking. I say that is absolutely true.

In addition, the very definition of salvation states that one party is completely helpless while the other party is power and able to save. C. S. Lewis used the metaphor in his work Mere Christianity of a man who is drowning. In this scenario, a man who had firm footing on dry ground threw a life-preserver to the drowning man and said, Grab on, I will pull you up! The drowning man refused on the basis that, It's not fair. You have the advantage of having a firm footing on dry ground. I will therefore not receive your help. You would say the drowning man is an idiot and deserves to struggle. People seem to have the same attitude about Christ. They would argue that either He was just a mere man (and therefore not able to help), or He had the advantage of being God incarnate (and it would be unfair to rely on Him). I say it's smart to rely on Him.

Life is all about having an advantage! Why do we carefully manicure our resumes? So we can display that we have the advantage over any other applicant. Why should the Miami Heat steamroll all the other teams in the NBA this season en route to a championship parade around Biscayne Bay? Because they have the decided advantage of 3 roster spots filled with top-10 talent in the league. Who has the bigger Big 3, the Heat or the Christians who have The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit?

So why wouldn't you join the team with the best game changer? Why wouldn't you recognize your own situation and take the help that is offered? As Calvin Fritchey said last night:

There are many theories about how this process is effective. But one thing is never up to debate in Christian circles; the fact that it is effective. Mankind cannot save themselves from their sin nature, they have to pay their own way through death. Jesus Christ has provided an escape through His sacrifice. He is mighty to save.

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