Friday, February 17, 2012

Say Whaaa?!?!

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The Premise
I was able to listen to Tim Hood and Nelson Jimenez present messages at Bible Truth Chapel this week. I will share some of the best quotes from the week here. Remember that you can listen to the entire message from the sermon website! By the way, Nelson Jimenez's message was recorded as part of the Passing the Faith Along  Wednesday Night Series. These are all being recorded & will be released in topical sections, that's why you won't see them on the site yet. Rest assured, they are on their way.

The Quotes
God is Great
Tim Hood spoke on the beginning of Matthew's gospel. He argued that Satan tested & tried Jesus perpetually. Therefore, the fact that he remained sinless proved His absolute greatness.
Devotion Drives Us
These two quotes from Tim Hood go hand-in-hand. As Christians, we are required to both live and tell the gospel. Our motivation should come from total devotion to God. Perhaps there is a reason why the line between faith and works seems blurry in scripture.
A Faithful Mindset
Speaking of scripture, how well do you know it? Jesus refuted demonic influence with scripture, how do you resist it? Hint: Jesus set the perfect example.
Faith is Offered
Nelson Jimenez kept with the theme as he spoke on Faith versus Good Works. My typo notwithstanding, the thing that Abraham offered on Mr. Moriah was not his son, it was his faith. Faith was on display through good works. This begs the question, is there really a clear line between the two in practical living?
Faith is Tested
 The process of proving our faith--complete with failure and restoration--is called sanctification. This is how we become more like God--the hard way.

Your Turn
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