Monday, June 17, 2013

300th Post: Reflection in triplicate

300 Articles

So here we are. I have composed, published and promoted 300 articles covering all kinds of Holy Topics. Woohoo! To celebrate, I am looking into my vault at various quotes, notes and posts that have to do with the number 3. I will link where appropriate and credit whoever said what. Enjoy!

Bold Service

[NOTE] There are three synonyms for service
  1. Working
  2. Giving
  3. Loving

Marks of prayer

[NOTE] Three marks of mature and effective prayer
  1. Contrition and acceptance of God's sovereignty.
  2. Acknowledgement of his place with the sinners.
  3. Thanksgiving and confidence in God.
Dr. David Humphreys

Growing Green

[POST] The theme Growing Green is expanded into three parts. These three parts are essentially phases in the life of a tree and are used to mirror the process which should be occurring in the Christian’s life. The three phases are as follows: Rooted, Grounded and Established...

Elements of trust

[QUOTE] "Trust often includes three beliefs: ability, integrity and benevolence."
Song and Zahedi

A little inspiration

[POST] Firstborn of the Three, inspired by +Andy Fritchey ...

Post on Reading the Bible

[POST] From Passing the Faith along: Read the Bible, it's Simple and Easy...

Religious sin

[NOTE] on Jude 11: The three examples are of religious sins. Cain committed murdered over the sacrifice. Balaam was frustrated as he tried to curse israel. Korah rebelled against the religious order and establishment.

A little Latin

[QUOTE] Trespass personae, una substantia.--Three persons, one substance.

A little Faith

[NOTE] Three Enemies of Faith (Numbers 13-14)
  1. Sight (13: 32-33)
  2. Human Reasoning (13:31)
  3. Feelings (14:1-3)
Randy Amos

Three thoughts

[QUOTE] ''There are three things I think about in the morning. My new identity in Christ. My security in Christ. My value in Christ.'' 
Glenn Craig


[NOTE] The Spiritual Gifts may be restructured and organized into these three categories: Prophetic, Priestly and Kingly (Royal). It forms a trinity.


In scripture, great things come in triples. Consider that God's revelation of Himself is triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). In addition, many sermons are put together with three points or illustrations in mind. The number three seems to resonate within our minds. I hope these thoughts have been an encouragement.
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