Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Camp Talks of Holy Things (Part 1)

Now or Later

I was planning to add a cool voice over to this presentation so it would be more interactive and self-explanatory. But I realized that there was no time for that, and since the iron has cooled off a bit, I decided to strike while it was semi-lukewarm.

Spanish Family Camp was fun. I really enjoyed speaking to the kids who didn't want to listen to a message in Spanish. I think they really liked the chocolate I gave out during sword drills. It was a symbiotic relationship, really.

So anyways, here's my Prezi Presentation used for the "Spanish Family Camp Message for the Jovenes That Want to Hear a Message in English."


Here are the articles referenced in the presentation. These posts have the expanded explanations I based the message on. (Listed in order of appearance during the lecture.)

This was an interactive lesson, let me know what you think of it with a comment. I'd love to get some feedback!

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