Sunday, June 9, 2013

A New Deal: Dr. Gary Cohen

These are my notes from today's sermon at Bible Truth Chapel in Miami, Fl. 

"Some people see the pain in this world and decide to hurt others instead of helping others as a result."

Daniel: Prophet to the royal court in Babylon
Ezekiel: Prophet to the camp of Jews who were captured to build the new Babylon. 
Jeremiah: Prophet who stayed in Israel to preach to the people left behind. 

- Jer. 31.3 is God reassuring his people that he still loves them. It's easy to love those who love us, it's hard to love those who do not love back. 
- About being overly critical: "Live and let live or else you won't have any friends."
- "Some people seem perfect, but those tend to be the people we don't know very well."

Jer. 32.31-36: The New Deal
- The last deal was a tender one (by the hand)
- The agreement was broken, they needed a new one. 
- Everyone (Gentiles) are included in the new agreement. 
- The God whose love did not expire for Israel is the God whose love does not expire for us. 

Matt. 26.27-29
- Jesus would not drink of the "cup of gathering" until the great gathering once the New Deal is fulfilled. 
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