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Book Review: Boring [GIVE AWAY]


Boring: Finding an extraordinary God in an ordinary life
Michael Kelley

As mentioned in last night's posts both here and on my Read Books blog, I was given two (2) copies of this book. One for my own reading and reviewing pleasure and one to give to anyone I want. So I have decided to read this book, review it, and give it away to one of my *cough* faithful readers.

So, suffer through yet another boring book review and you will find out how to maximize your chances of winning this great book. Or, skip my review and scroll down to the final section entitled "Get it Free" to, you know, get the book for free.

Technical Merit

This book is 207 pages long, divided into eleven (11) chapters with an introduction and notes. It was an easy, two-day read. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars for technical merit. The book is great, it delves into some fantastic principles and applications that are needed in the church today. However, some of the syntax is a bit wonky. In addition, I found a few typos in the text. I understand this is as much a critique of the editor as the author, but this is a review of the book and that comes into play.

However, in the midst of the mundane, Michael Kelley does come through with several memorable moments. He is very good at laying a foundation and them summarizing his points with a poignant phrase. If you get stuck on one paragraph, keep reading with the confidence that he will rephrase his point, perhaps in a way that resonates with you. I know it did with me.


The introduction and the first four (4) chapters lay out the theoretical principle that God's will is to do something extraordinary through you in your normal life, even if He does not choose to put you in an extraordinary circumstance. The daily routines that we are accustomed to are the vehicles for His influence in this world. As Kelley states in the introduction:
What if God actually doesn't want you to escape from the ordinary, but to find significance and meaning inside of it. (5)
All too often, we seek to escape our boring lives. Often, it is when we seek to escape boredom that we end up in trouble. God placed us in this life for a reason. We are to glorify Him in all things. We are living in His redeemed creation. We have renewed purpose. We are children of the kingdom and should seize every opportunity that life affords us!

It's a good thing Michael Kelley spends the rest of the book on applications. He allows the reader into his own home and explains how to find the extraordinary in the following areas of our boring lives:
  1. Friends
  2. Marriage
  3. Parenting
  4. Finances
  5. Employment
  6. Church
While not everything Kelley writes is novel, there may be a surprise or two in these chapters. I plan to write a few posts next week that expounds a little on some of these topics. But in each of these areas, this final quote serves as a nice summation:
We are so bent on the exciting, that we might miss the small choices of faithfulness right in front of our eyes. Those choices might not be easy, but neither are they complicated. (203)


This is a nice little book that I heartily recommend to all my Christian friends. Michael Kelley is theologically sound and gives great practical advice. I will probably refer to these individual chapters for topical studies in the upcoming weeks. What does this mean for you? More chances to win a free copy!

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