Friday, April 18, 2014

The Killing Tree (Music Post)

Good Friday

When meditating on Good Friday, my thoughts turned to this song. I feel that it does a superb job of expressing the sacrifice of Christ artistically. There is no way to find life but through death. The death of Christ and our death in the shadow of his cross. Please enjoy this song and contemplate it's message. I have included lyrics for your convenience.

The Killing Tree Lyrics

All alone in an evil dream I see myself up high
And it's me over you with my arms spread open wide
I try to run from the place I know that I can be set free
Come away come away there's a sweet voice calling me
To the killing tree

I look around at all the faces who are passing me
And I run try to run with nails in my feet
All the time I was building castles on a sandy beach
Leading you, leading you to a place I'd never been
To the killing tree
Come on

I know what you're asking me and I don't wanna give
'Cause it's safe and I know 'cause I've been here all these years
All the precious pain I hold without it there is fear
And I'm afraid when you say that you'll get me outta here
To the killing tree
Come on

Come away to a place of healing

So now I run to you and I move from night to day
For to live I must die and there's still no other way
I was alone in an evil dream but you took my place up high
Now it's you over me with your arms spread open wide
On the killing tree
Come on

© Paul Colman Trio (PC3)
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