Monday, April 28, 2014

Boring Quizzes [Give Away]

"What does it say to professors when their students flunk quizzes because they were so busy studying the Bible that they didn't have time to pick up their textbooks? Is God pleased by that kind of behavior?" (60-61)

Debate Class?

This is a nonsensical debate that occurs from time to time. What is the best way to be a light at the university? How 'bout you get to class on time, study and be one of the best students in class!

Michael Kelley describes his experience in college, where his father was a professor. Students used to have a big worship bonanza every Thursday night, which is a great positive thing. Since the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy, this type of development is usually viewed as a triumph for Jesus and the Church. They may take away formal prayer in schools, but we can get a grassroots movement together and stick it to The Man!

However, Kelley's dad didn't see things that way. He noticed that class attendance declined on Friday mornings. Further, these students who participated in late-night worship and missed class also performed poorly on quizzes and their grades suffered in class. Now, is that a good witness? Nope.

Be faithful in whatever you are doing: it's not exactly a thrilling commission. But it is what we are called to do. For disciples, this is included in their name: discipline. The Lord says you are to die to yourself (and the things that please you) in order to be faithful to your daily routine as unto The Lord. Michael Kelley says it like this:
"For disciples, following Jesus is both an exit and an entrance; an ending as well as a beginning. They charge off, not knowing exactly what the future entails, but knowing that whatever it is they'll follow Jesus into it. That's how all of us started our life with Christ. And it's a commitment that we renew day after day, moment by moment." (Pg. 63)
Michael Kelley
Boring: Finding an extraordinary God in an ordinary life

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