Saturday, August 11, 2012

Victory for the Home Team (Brower)

What's up with that?

Jonathan Brower asked me to review his message delivered on June 24 at Bible Truth Chapel. To be honest, I don't normally review messages that I listen to online, but when directly asked to do so I concede. I set aside time this morning to listen on my iPhone & I am glad I did. You can find it here:

What is an Idol?

An idol is anything that impedes your relationship with the Lord. All too often, we find ourselves giving up ground to the enemy which has already been claimed by Christ's finished work. We should be victorious people, but we get lost in the blessings we live in. God's will can be simple: he wills that you lead a godly, spiritual life.

The Spiritual Life

If someone who is not endowed with the Holy Spirit can do it, then it is not spiritual! Too often, we confuse activity with spirituality. Any unsaved heathen can come to Church when the doors are open, but what happens while you're there? More importantly, what happens when you get home? A lot of the problems with the priesthood in 1 Samuel start with a lack of spirituality at home! That permissiveness at home permeated the sanctuary.

May we be found faithful to our Savior and wake up from the stupor we find ourselves in. If we have no victory in life, we cannot blame God or the Devil (who has already been defeated); we can only blame ourselves.


No, this was not my typical summary of the #BTSermon style. This was more a reaction after listening to the podcast. Please make time to listen to the actual message to gain a more scriptural perspective on these topics.

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