Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hope to Carry On

"Farsighted" by Five Iron Frenzy
I have been driven to think about many deep issues throughout the course of my life by music. Sometimes the right song can cause me to rethink how I perceive a situation, or how I respond to an impulse. I have been driven to my knees by song, I have also be fortified to face issues by lyric (or just an awesome guitar riff). I guess what I am saying is that I hope this series encourages whoever reads/listens to it. I plan to try & release a new one every Tuesday labeled #2sdayriff. If you're feeling crazy, maybe you will nominate a #2sdayriff through twitter. I'll be sure to check it!

Oh, another thing. You may/may not have heard some of these songs before. My tastes can be of the acquired variety & I tend to like the unpopular songs a lot. Onward!

Verse 1
To all the farsighted
the sky's never been so clear
hello to the hopeful
goodbye to the full of fear

When Abraham was called out of his comfortable home & looked for that city built by God, he was farsighted. He was not so bogged down with the issues in his own life that he forgot the goal. Always remember that whatever we go through today, we have a better tomorrow in store for us.

Verse 2
Hello you daydreamers
hello to the in-between
Behold all you've wished for
promising things unseen

How can we get more if we do not seek more? C. S. Lewis argued that the Christian aspires to perfection, & therefore achieves an improved quality of life. I am currently training for a 5K. When I started, I probably could not have run the entire 5K, much less in a specified time limit. However, since I set a goal, I can now work toward that goal. By being farsighted, we can hope for better things. Our hope should serve as motivation for life.
Verse 3
Hello to the burnouts
the left out and left behind
for farsighted drifters
one-of-a kind

Just because we are farsighted, does it mean our paths are paved & smooth? Apparently not. Even Abraham had his momentary struggles. Jesus never said we would not feel pain, He just said we would be able to get through it. We can see beyond today into a promised land which is steady & sure to come.

The rockets are burning,
the dreamers are at full swing
The heavens have painted
have brushed you with angel wings
and you know in your heart
that the farsighted see better things

Each Christian has experienced God's personal touch in their life. Was it like a rocket bursting in the night sky? Was it like a beautiful sunrise in your heart, illuminating the darkness? Whatever that experience was, know that the truth of scripture can work with it, providing hope. He gives you hope, you can carry on.
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