Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sssome #BTSermon NotessS

Everyone Loves #BTSermon Time!

The Premise

We had a fantastic feast last Sunday. We reveled in many international delights & enjoyed fellowship with the brethren. However, since we had such a grand day & afternoon, the evening meeting was cancelled. The only #BTSermon notes I was able to gather was from Wednesday night. Bruce Simpson spoke on Wednesday night, he is a missionary in Columbia.

The Quotes

The Message of Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy comes up yet again! Remember there is blessing in store for the one who does as God commands. Note that the goal of obedience is submission to God's will, not the desire for prosperity.

Ye Plethora of Points
Some random points that Br. Simpson made:
  1. God's word is: Supreme (over everything & should be esteemed as such), Sufficient (there is nothing more that is necessary in the Christian's life) &  Supernatural (it is not man-made, it is divinely inspired).
  2. A point made under the Supremacy of God's word was that it is the basis of faith, which is a condition for the believer. Therefore, the word of God must also be preeminent in the Christian's life.
  3. Faith necessarily motivates the believer to obedience. Obedience often leads to action in the form of good works. However, the works are always done accurately.

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