Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dressy, Casual, Laced or Slip-on

Tired Shoes - Eli
Tired Shoes

Verse 1

Welcome to the salvage store, 
last chance for damaged goods;

By now you know the hype was all a lie.
You see, I've been here for a while, 
stacking souls in different piles,
You can call me caretaker if you like.

Chorus 1

Stilettos on the left side, wingtips on my right.

The rest of them fall somewhere in between.

Well we all wear out with use, 
and our souls take such abuse,

Tired shoes, can't remember what they've seen.

The metaphor is set in the first verse & our predicament in the chorus. Consider life as a grand salvage store where everything has been broken down. We have been ruined by the Fall of Man back in Genesis 3. Now we are all just wasting away, hoping in vain for someone to love us in the state we are in.

Verse 2

Every size and color, designer brand or plain,

Now they share each others company;

You see, I try the best I can, 
to bring healing with these hands,

A second chance before they rest in peace.

We are all in the same predicament. There is none righteous, no not one. (Check out Romans) The murderer & the petty thief may not consider themselves equals, but they are, in fact, equally disturbed by sin. But there is hope, there is a caretaker of this salvage store. He is trying to give the worn out, worthless shoes another shot at usefulness.

As I watched the old caretaker, 
wearing sandals made from scraps;
It was clear to me I 
was unworthy to undo their straps

Who else said they were unworthy to undo another man's straps? John the Baptist. Whose straps was he referring to? None other but the Lord Jesus Christ's. He is the one who restores our souls (soles). He is the only one who can save. In fact, there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

Chorus 2
Stilettos on the left side, wingtips on my right

The rest of them fall somewhere in between,

Well we all wear out with use, 
and our tongues give such abuse

Tired shoes, give your souls to Him 

This final chorus always gets me. Our tongues really do give a lot of abuse. The metaphor notwithstanding, our words carry more weight than we know & intend. This hints at James' admonition to tame the tongue. But when my tongue wreaks havoc, I know that the Caretaker will take me back & bring healing.
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