Friday, March 16, 2012

Athletes With Shuffling Feet

Moses & the Red Sea
The Bible
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The Analysis
I recently heard the following statement as an analysis of this passage.
This story shows all the great, amazing things that God can do when we are willing to trust Him. Look at how the Israelites were able to get an incredible, decisive victory over the mighty Egyptian army. Amazing.
Is there anything wrong with that statement? Not particularly. Except for the fact that the people of Israel were not exactly "willing to trust" anybody. Heck, they were mutinous. They pointed fingers. They assigned blame rather than ascribe confidence. This is technically not an example of willingness to surrender anything to God.

Did Moses trust God? Sure he did. He had no other choice, really. What else could he do? If he admitted defeat, they're all dead. If they tried to run, they're all dead. Hide? Don't make me laugh. The only option was to keep doing what he had been doing, place his faith in God.

But I think the fact that God did not have total surrender is an important & encouraging one. Do we always give God 100% of our trust all the time? I'm afraid the answer is no. How could we expect victory then? We can only expect victory because He does things for His glory. He takes the broken things & creates a work of art. He takes the shuffling feet & makes an athlete.

If you feel like an unsuccessful fraud, good. God can use you for His glory. He can take you out of your mess & create lovely portrait. He doesn't even need full surrender--just know that the more you surrender, the more He will do.

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