Thursday, March 15, 2012

His Works & His Words

The Premise
This week I only got the chance to listen to Glenn Craig on Wednesday night. Therefore, those are the only quotes/notes that I have to offer. However, I'm certain that they will be both entertaining & edifying. We talked about Psalm 19, & having a desire for God's Word.

The Quotes
Natural Revelation
Glenn started by talking about natural revelation. Basically, God's creation is so immense that it presents a case for a deity that is beyond the natural realm. This should activate the desire to know who He is. We have no excuses for unbelief.
 Due to the 140-character word count, I had to chop this quote up. In case you don't understand my shorthand, Glenn said, "As you read God's Word, you will find how powerful it is. Your desires will be different. Your values will be different. And you will change." God wants to mold you into someone who is very different than who you are; the process is called sanctification. He will give you the desires of your heart, & those desires will be pure. That comes through the reading of God's Word.

The Value of Fiat Money
What is Fiat money worth? Whatever the government says it is worth. Why? Because they say so. (God forbid they should change their minds!) Relativism is much like that, they state that there are no absolutes (which sounds like an absolute statement to me). This is contrary to scripture, which has the authority of God backing it. And by the way, He changes not. God's Word is His specific revelation to us.
Who? Me?
We have discussed the greatness of God's works. We have discussed the greatness of God's words. But amid all the greatness & splendor we sometimes forget who God's audience is--who is He thinking of? He is thinking of me. His works are for me. His words are for me. Why would I not take hold of them? Why should I not desire them more & more.

Your Turn
You probably noticed that this week's tweets took a different form. We engaged in a conversation on twitter! Feel free to hit the reply button, whether or not you were at the meeting, & we can discuss the impact any quote/note has on your life. Also notice that some of my tweeps are using other hashtags in addition to #btsermon, that's cool too! Just get in on the conversation.

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