Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Can Start Today

Take the Plunge Today
The Premise
This week, we heard messages from Dr. David Humphries on 2 Timothy 4 & Craig Fritchey on the importance of Bible memory. Check out the content below!

The Quotes
Dying to Leave
It is a comfort to know that we can be ready for death. When one says, Prepare to meet your maker, it is not a hypothetical question, or a warning before a beat-down, it is something that can actually be done. We can be ready because of our confidence in what God is doing. His Presence is with us, His Protection is eternal & His Plans will always pan out.

Lonely Hearts Club Band
Paul was alone. He had, in his own estimation, no friends to cheer him up. In that sense, he was like Charlie Brown, surrounded by people but no confidants. It is important to know that there is a feeling of loneliness in the ministry, & not to harbor bitterness as a result.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes
Perhaps you do not feel comfortable with how your life is right now. That's OK, right now can be the beginning of a new life in Christ. Move forward, & life with intent. Draw near to God & He will draw near to you.

Don't Spit Into the Wind
The things we talk about are the things that are most important to us. That's what Jesus meant when he talked about the abundance of our heart flowing from our mouths. Do you consider God's Word to be a hobby? Maybe you should try it out. Notice that there is another reference here to Jesus defeating Satan with Deuteronomy.

Seventh Heaven
Not only should the Bible as a whole be enjoyable, there are other reasons to commit it to memory & know it inside & out. Some of these reasons are
  1. We are explicitly told to by God
  2. It helps us to defeat sin
  3. It helps us to evangelize
  4. It encourages us when we need it most
  5. It helps us as we seek God's will through prayer
  6. We can meditate on God's Word anywhere
  7. We can be our own Chain-Reference Bible in a Bible Study
Your Turn
You probably already noticed that we have a third tweeter, Mr. @skylarkk. I am glad to see the conversation grow. Take this as your open-ended invitation! Join the discussion!

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