Sunday, February 27, 2011

Calvin Fritchey - Proverbs 16: Changing of the Spirit

Proverbs 16
(1) Strange wording: Preparations of the heart
Where is it from?
Prov. 14:25-27 give us Key Statements
> They stand in contrast.
What we have in our heart God can and will take and use.
   Not just knowledge, it is experience.
   Be slow to speak and quick to listen.
     2 Cor. 3:4-6 Spirit of the Law: It's like taking care of a baby, be more tender. Your spirit changes.

(9) Plans and Direction
The final answer is from the Lord
We move... God directs.

(2) Man's thought about his way
Skewed in our favor
   Men love themselves
   There are two sides, they are half-right.

(3) Commit our works
He sees our emptiness
A person's thought directs their behavior (lifestyle)
   What's in your mind?

(4) Creation: Did God make the wicked? (John 8:34)
God created all, but people choose to be evil.
   God gives people what they ask for.
   He does not make us stay evil - willing to save.
Remember, the end is set for evil ones.

God gives us a chance to set our affections on things above. Will you change your heart today?
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