Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matthew 18

(1) 12 Disciples and Jesus  <-- Intimacy, but not exclusivity.
> Child (2)
> Peter (21)

Capernaum (17:24)
   It was a comfortable place.

4 Questions
3 Illustrations
1 Suggestion
1 Answer with 2 Sides

(1) Question 1 about the Kingdom of Heaven
(3-11) Illustration 1 - Children
     A child is... helpless, dependent, easily distracted, easily convinced, innocent.
     We are to view ourselves as children...
(12-14) Questions 2 & 3, Illustration 2 - Sheep
     A sheep is... the same as children, plus: selfish, ignorant, unable to care for themselves.
     Again, view yourself as sheep...
(15-20) Jesus gets at the heart of the issue
     The initial question seems to come out of competition and discord.
     Jesus preaches unity from humility.
(21) Question 4, Suggestion 1
     Peter steps out and asks for clarification on forgiveness
     He even suggests a generous, holy number
(22-35) Illustration 3
     The point is not forgiving because it is a duty or keeping track of points.

The Answer and Two sides: You've been forgiven of a lot. You should A) humble yourself and B) forgive.
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