Sunday, February 20, 2011

Joseph Jimenez - Matthew 15


>Jesus (1)
> Scribes (1)
> Pharisees (1)
[M] Disciples
"_" Isaiah (7-9)
> Multitudes (10)
> Disciples (12)
> Woman (22)
[M] Son of David
[M] Daughter
> Multitudes


Still in Gennesaret
Tye and Sidon (21)
Decapolis (29)
Magdala (end)


(1) Pharisees and Saducees came a long way to try and trip Jesus
Confrontation with tradition
     The laws were tweaked (Hadith/commentary)
Do we try to bring honor to ourselves?
Your traditions are not doing what you think they are doing.

(2) Faith and Christ's reply
Jesus waits for a right response
     It is a process, to acknowledge a Savior.
Faith is for all facets of the Christian walk.
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