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Matthew 16

Jesus was already there (1)
   > Pharisees and Saducees (1)
   [R] Jonah (4)
   < Jesus (4)
   < 12 Disciples (5)
     Simon Peter stands out (16)
   > Satan (23) adversary

1. Still in Magdala (15:39)
2. "Other Side" (16:5)
     Decapolis, which was gentile
3. Ceasarea Philipi (16:3)

(1-4) Pharisees and Saducees seek a sign
   Jesus' answer is Be more perceptive!
     Look around you, I've been working!
   Jesus reams them for seeking a sign while ignoring His entire body of work.
   Prophet Jonah - Why use this sign?
     Prophet who went to the Gentiles
     Prophet who does not want to preach
     3 days and nights in the belly of the great fish
          Reference to His death, burial and resurrection

(5-12) On the Other Side
   NOTE: Jesus gives them time to think and meditate on His words.
     Jesus also reams the disciples for not being perceptive.
   Leaven = the obvious effects of hidden sin.
     The (P&S) show leaven in their twisted thinking and doctrine (teachings)

(13-28) Caesarea Philipi
   Matthew 12:10: It finally sinks in for Peter (16-17)
     Peter finally listens to what the Father reveals.
   Rock of the Church
     Peter was influential in the early Church
     Peter was a leader who made tough decisions
     Peter did go to Rome and led the Church there
     His discipe (Clement, mentioned in scripture) became the first well-documented Pope.
     With that said, Jesus is the cornerstone that the Church is built on and we are living stones that make up the Church (as Peter said himself).
   The Keys = What does that do? What do keys do?
      Open new doors - Salvation to all
      Binding - Tough decisions that must be made (as to what was permissible)
            The book of Acts records these decisions and the opening of Salvation to all peoples.
   Short-lived Glory - Peter rebukes Christ
      Peter thinks of earthly throne
      Jesus thinks of Jonah
      Satanic = adverse to God's will. Key word: Mindful.

(24-26) Deny your own way to follow Christ
   Cross = foreshadow
   Lose your life to Christ, it's the best way to get it back.

(27-28) God's glory / Coming
   What is verse 28 saying?
     {some standing there} {will not die} {will see the Son's kingdom}
     Who did not see the "Kingdom come?"
     What is a prerequisite for the kingdom? Christ's triumph over the grave.
     Who didn't see that? Judas.
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