Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matthew 20

{End of Chapter 19 - Leaders, 12 disciples, Jesus}
Only Jesus and 12 Disciples (17)
> Mrs. Zebedee (20)
> Large crowd (29)

Continuation from Matthew 19 (1)
"About to go..." (17)
Leaving Jericho (29)

(1-16) Parable of the Vineyard
Who drives the action? The Landowner
Who makes the assumptions? The first hires
Who earned the most? Depends on how you look at it.
     Totals: Nobody, they earned the same
[Joe noted that all are equal. The saved are saved, there are no levels of salvation.]
     Per hour: The final hires earned more per hour.
Moral = God makes the rules

(17-19) A Death Foretold
Jesus had a clear direction. No doubts.
     He was in control

(20-28) Zebedee
This is a strange exchange.
     1. Mommy speaks for her old kids.
     2. Old kids let her speak on their behalf
     3. Jesus does not rebuke. His answer follows the parable...
There are leaders of the Church.
God makes he decision who will be the leaders...
     ...and the leaders should serve.
     Christian leaders are servants with a greater capacity to serve more, never less.

(29-34) From Jericho
Jesus backs up what He says by having mercy and healing.
     His words reflect His attitude: a servant's attitude.
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