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Matthew 17

Jesus, Peter, James and John (1)
   > Moses & Elijah (2)
   {V} from a cloud (5) = God the Father
   [M] John the Baptist (13)
   "They" = The crowd (14)
   > Man (14)
   > Son (15)
   > 12 Disciples (22) "Gathering together"
   > Temple Tax Collector (24)

(1-13) High Mountain (Mt. Hernon?
(14-20) Upon meeting a crowd
(22) Galilee
(24-27) Capernaum

Analysis   -   Note Mk. 9 & Lu. 9 are parallel passages.
(1-13) Transfiguration
Account begins with in 16:27 with "Son of Man"
Remember, Christ never lost His divinity, he gained humanity.
(1) The number 6 is the number of man. It is in 2 of the 3 synoptics.
Transfigure is not a change of form.
   This is not an apocalyptic vision
What did Jesus, Moses and Elijah talk about?
   Luke 9 says it was Christ's death = the reason He became a man.
Peter reacts -- But the voice comes and emphasizes the SON.
The emphasis of the transfiguration was on Jesus' humanity and earthly mission, not on His divinity, though that was on display.
(7) Jesus' incredible tenderness shines through.
(9) Again, emphasis on the Son of Man.
(12) Mystery of John the Baptist, turns the focus back on the Son of Man

(14-20) Multitudes
Was Jesus reluctant to heal?
To answer, let's list what we know:
   Demon-possessed son's father comes to the right place
   Disciples tried to cast the demon out (19) but lacked faith (20)
   Which disciples? Peter, James and John (22)
   Jesus was upset with someone about their unbelief (17) but heals anyway.
Therefore, Jesus wanted belief.
(1) "And" This lesson on faith follows the Transfiguration directly.
Parallel passage in Mark 9:24 records this man saying I believe, Lord, help my unbelief.
   The man had belief, the disciples did not.
     Jesus is teaching the disciples. "Hear Him" Luke 9:44

(22-23) All the disciples get together
Jesus reiterates His death
   Repeated in all accounts on Transfiguration
Jesus was crystal clear about His mission
12 Disciples will not understand until later. Remember, this message was unheard of for Jews of the day.

(24-27) Temple Tax
I see simple respect in play here.
Jesus did not stir up trouble for fun, even if He was right.
There was no need to stand against the tax collector.
   Perhaps the people who instituted the temple tax...
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