Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walter Stanley - Growing

Walter thinks of a traffic light when he hears the color green.
     When you come up to a green light, you keep going.
     Growing Green? = KEEP ON GROWING!

John 15:7 - Christ has made provision for us

Abide: It's a key; to serve him obediently.
"In serving the Lord we can be a great minister. We are all ministers with ministries because we have been called to obey. Whatever we do, we do to his honor and glory in the beauty of holiness."

Prayer - A specific ministry that he stressed as important. It's personal. It's private.
     Prayer is like gas in the tank. Can't go on green, can't grow green without a prayer life.

John 15:10, 3 - God's Word is Clean

It will drive us to the place where we are pleasing to God.
"Our lives must be sterilized by the word of God."
     Trials purify us and help us grow.
     Matthew 5:1 - Sermon on the Mount
           Blessedness; happy despite their trials.

John 15:4-5 - Plant Roots

The roots go deep and are unseen
Though Christ is unseen, we truly see his influence in our life.
     A fruit is nothing without the root.

Most important thing in Church

"It's important to come to the meeting. It's very important. But the most important is to delight yourself in the Lord day and night."
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