Sunday, February 20, 2011

Matthew 14

  [M] All mentions...
     Herod (1)
     Jesus (1)
     Herod's servants (2)
     John the Baptist (2)
     Herodias (3)
     Philip (3)
     Herodias' daughter (6)
     John's disciples (12)
    > Jesus (13)
    > Crowd (13)
    > 12 disciples (15)
    < 12 disciples (22)
    < Crowd (25)
    > 12 disciples (25) - as if Jesus ran into them.
   [M] Peter (28)
    > Men of Gennesaret (35)

(1-12) John the Baptist/Herod
     Setup in verse 13. Jesus reacts, setting up the rest of the chapter.
     Look into Salome, by Oscar Wilde
     Herod was a man who was not afraid to kill, but had to be forced to kill John the Baptist. (9)
          He was afraid of political ramifications (5)
          He had true grief over the beheading. (9)
(13-21) Feeding the 5,000 in a desert place
(22-33) Walking on the Water he goes from the Mount to the Sea
(34-36) Gennesaret

Family and personal experiences as a catalyst
     (13:53-58) Rejection by family
     (14:1-12) Death of family
Jesus is put through the emotional ringer.
He goes by Himself, now the question is, how will he rebound?

(14) He was moved with compassion
It should have been the other way around.
     He meets our needs despite His own.

(22) Constrained His disciples
Morality--They need to learn something
     (23) Goes apart again - He needs to take time for Himself, and so do we.
     (25) Jesus knew the right time to show up to their benefit.
[(26) Andrew was amazed at pagan thoughts regarding spirits.]
          Jesus takes away fear (27)
          Jesus says, be confident in me.

(26) Jesus "saved" the people. That has a specific meaning.
It is Christ's specific job.
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